Wedding SOS

Wedding SOS – for couples who organise their wedding ceremony and reception at the last minute

wedding sos, wedding help, wedding consultant, krakowThe photographer got sick or the band cancelled its concert? Sometimes, things go wrong and even a perfect plan fails – you simply can’t foresee it. Don’t lose your mind and time! Wedding SOS is all you need. I’m an experienced wedding planner who acts immediately and keeps a cool head in extreme situations.

I can get in touch with a wide range of reliable suppliers, who will complete your order even at the last minute. Trust me and rely on my knowledge and experience.

Every problem has a solution – I can act under pressure and keep you informed about what is going on.

wedding help, wedding consultant ideas, bridesmaid krakowIn a crisis situation, effective communication means a lot. In such a case, I will be always in touch with you and a supplier chosen at the last minute. You will not have to care about formalities and details – I will have everything under control.

Wedding SOS is an offer that guarantees high-quality professional services in a crisis situation

Wedding SOS offers help with every element of your wedding – gifts for guests, cakes and decorations.

I’m always ready to help if you realized at the last minute that you just forgot to do something. Even if it is a tiny thing – place cards or gifts for guests – I will put my heart into it. You can be sure that your wedding ceremony and reception will be perfectly organised in every detail.

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