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Cracow versus Warsaw

People say that Cracow and Warsaw declared animosity against each other. But people also say that love can build bridges.

This couple asked me to organise their wedding near Warsaw. It was quite a challenge for me and I felt a bit lost in that region. I mainly work in southern Poland but Cracow and the Małopolska province are not the only places where I can organise weddings. That is why I agreed to help with a wedding reception near Warsaw.

In several months (starting our collaboration, we had less than 9 months left to prepare the wedding), we managed to organise everything and create a charming reception.

The venue décor was truly unusual. Tables were decorated with subtle white orchids and golden ornaments. However, the bridal couple’s table with a garland adorned with powder-pink flowers and a large, white backdrop behind stole guests’ attention. The table was additionally decorated with the couple’s initials, which were prepared by one of friends about 2 hours before the couple’s arrival.

Stage lighting on request added unique charm to the venue, especially on the dancefloor.

The bridal couple took care of numerous attractions for their guests, such as a drink bar and a photo booth.

The party ended on the next morning, just before the after-party.