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A patent on Love

Remarkable and non-trivial – these words perfectly render the atmosphere of this wedding!

During one of my first meetings with the future bridal couple, we set out to find a perfect reception venue. Bearing the couple’s expectations in mind, I knew that we should look for something unusual. This is how we ended up in Browar Obywatelski, a brewery in Tychy. Industrial design, fantastically restored machines and barrels – we fell in love with this place at first sight.

A common hobby and totally different professional pathways of the couple posed a big challenge to me. Choosing the right wedding theme was really tough. Original, creative, appealing, leaving room for manoeuvre… American blueprint! Yes, we hit the bull’s eye!

The theme started to evolve right at the beginning when we designed the invitations. We used a white technical font and a blue background, which made the invitations stand out among classic stationery designs. The invited guests were curious what will happen next.

The theme was also an integral part of the reception: posters shipped from the USA were used to decorate tables, the bar, the dessert table and other objects in the building. Menu cards and stationery were uniform in style and colour. The tables were adorned with large bouquets in maroon and pastel colours, which nicely contrasted with the navy blue arrangement.

Guests could indulge themselves with lots of extra attractions: a whisky bar serving carefully selected drinks satisfying even the most refined tastes, a relax zone, a dessert table, a photo zone, a barrel filled with craft beer (a perfect drink for a hot evening).

Of course, we did not forget to add some Silesian flair, as the wedding was organised right in the heart of this region.

That event combined the industrial style and elegance, modernity and tradition, the USA and Silesia.

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