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Taste of wine, taste of Love

This memorable wedding was the key to future collaboration with several couples. They were impressed with the wedding theme and venue décor, liked my ideas and asked me for advice when they decided to organise their own weddings.

Looking for a dream venue to organise the wedding reception, we ended up in an old winery Stara Winiarnia. It is there where my first wedding theme had its premiere. Having discussed numerous ideas, we decided to choose wine as the wedding theme, as the couple loved this drink.

All elements of the décor referred to wine in a subtle way and created an idyllic atmosphere during the reception. We started to shape the theme with invitations. We chose a personalized, elegant and classic style. Then, decorations and stationery were prepared. Every tiny detail matched the whole arrangement.

Organising this wedding, we used many unconventional solutions. Let us disclose only the two of them.

Guest tables were labelled with the names of grape varieties. Guests could learn more about each of them reading extra materials distributed on the tables. The names of grape varieties were put on bottles of wine, which were placed on stands made on our request.