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Subtle elegance

Kamila heard about “Ślubny ambaras” from an owner of a company that offers photo booth services. During our first meeting, we found a common language and in several months we designed a wonderful décor theme. It differed from our first draft to such an extent that it was totally unrecognizable in its final form.

The wedding ceremony was held in a historic church in Krzęcin, which is richly decorated. To emphasize its charm, we decided to use only discrete ornaments, which would not stole guests’ attention and let them admire the church interior. A more distinctive décor was presented in the reception venue. The bridal couple chose powder pink, green and white tones. The pastel colours prevailed but more vivid elements, gypsophila and candles were also present.

Tables were decorated with gypsophila in high Martini glasses and floral arrangements in pastel colours. The backdrop behind the bridal couple’s table was adorned with ruscus and small lamps. Floral decorations on the table were colourful, made of smaller arrangements that built the final impression.

The bride was delighted with the effect and summed up our collaboration in this way: “Kathy, I did not believe that flowers would be so beautiful!”

This is why I really love what I do in my “Ślubny ambaras.”